Basics of Indian Club Swinging by Paul Taras Wolkowinski Part 2

Indian Clubs 8 – GRIP – Part 1
A Study of GRIP – Three basic holds

Indian Clubs 8 – GRIP – Part 2- APPLIED TO THE MILL
THREE GRIPS revisited from part 1
1) The Hammer
2) The Sabre
3) The Ring
View the detail of when to change your grip on Indian Clubs as you perform the MILL.

Indian Clubs 9 HEAVY MEEL Shoulder Casts
This is an Ancient Warrior Art that has roots in India and Persia, it is associated with the gada/mace and sword training origins, in Kushti and Zurkhane training, these shoulder casts were done for hundreds of repetitions at a time. This is great preparation for advancing to gada or mace swinging, promoting great shoulder flexibility and incredible grip strength.

A study of the back circle and a question, do you do a D-shape or a full circle?

If you try the full back circle see if you can practice somewhere where you can see your reflection such as a mirror or a window for outdoors, watching the flight path of the club really helps to make adjustments to your technique.

Indian Clubs 11 – TRANSITIONS
Demonstration & Tutorial of how to smoothly switch from one style of swing to another without stopping club movement.

Do you want to start doing Indian Club Swinging?

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