Tim Ferriss on Becoming Jason Bourne – Inside Quest

Bestselling author and professional human guinea pig Tim Ferriss’s new TV show The Tim Ferriss Experiment is basically Jackass for brainiacs. Tim dares to go beyond dreaming, experimenting on himself to prove that ordinary humans are capable of extraordinary things.

Tim Ferriss’s incredible blog has over 1 million monthly readers. He’s sold books into 35+ languages. He wants superhuman knowledge to be his legacy – an army of people who can teach others who can teach others.

The NY Times calls Tim Ferriss “a cross between Jack Welch and a Buddhist Monk.” With each book, and now his new TV show he proves that ordinary people are capable of extraordinary things… when they practice getting out of their comfort zones and facing their fears.

According to Tim Ferriss, humans become superhumans when they obliterate traditional routines and find the sweet spot at the intersection of skill and passion.

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