How to Get in the Zone | Sports Motivation Podcast #127

To get in the “zone” is a common ability we all yearn for.

Did you really think, that all it took was luck?

The key is to allow your subconscious mind to take over during the game.

It isn’t easy, but it’s laid out for you step by step in today’s episode.
You ready?!

Time Stamps:
(2:43) Have you subscribed to our new Get Ya Mind Right Podcast on iTunes?

(5:00) Are you this kind of athlete?

(7:23) A reality check: They get better results than you…

(7:56) Taking advantage of the “laws” (the way things work)

(9:06) The two types of athletes…

(9:18) How the subconscious mind works

(11:25) Subconscious beliefs of the anxiety-ridden athlete (game-day “chokers”)

(12:21) Beware of the “action cures all” type of mindset

(13:25) Subconscious beliefs of the confident athlete (game-day “shiners”)

(16:45) Allowing your subconscious mind to take over

(17:18) In the ZONE, Pt. 1: Go HARD in training

(18:58) In the ZONE, Pt. 2: Incorporate high PRESSURE into your training routine

(21:36) In the ZONE, Pt. 3: Get your FEEDBACK after your training

(23:26) In the ZONE, Pt. 4: Frequently VISUALIZE perfect performances (including your senses) | Don’t visualize failure!

(25:55) In the ZONE, Pt. 5: Practicing relaxation and letting go of thoughts through MEDITATION |
Useful iPhone Meditation Apps:




(27:52) In the ZONE, Pt. 6: GRATITUDE

(30:06) In the ZONE, Pt. 7: Using gentle & minimal SELF-FEEDBACK during performance

(32:30) In the ZONE, Pt. 8: REVIEW your training journals | The Inner Game of Tennis by W Timothy Gallwey

(35:00) In the ZONE, Pt. 9: REFLECT on past successes

(36:16) In the ZONE, Pt. 10: Put the game into PERSPECTIVE | A special story about a preseason game I’ll never forget

(45:55) Turn your conscious mind off… Just go out there and PLAY

(46:55) Train harder. Trust yourself.


Killer Highlights of Wrestling Takedowns from The Golden Grand Prix Ivan Yarygin 2017

Гран-при «Иван Ярыгин

The Host city for this event was in Krasnoyarsk, Russia.

It was held on January 27–29 at Stadium Yenisei Football Arena

This Grand Prix is held in honor of 2-time Olympic Russian Champion Ivan Yarygin.

Some of the competitors of this event were
Kyle Snyder (Olympic champion),
Cody Brewer and Nick Gwiazdowski (NCAA All-American),
Gadzhimurad Rashidov (European champion)
Rei Higuchi (Olympic silver medalist),
Sosuke Takatani (Word 2014 runner-up)



Judo vs Wrestling – with Jason Morris – Feb 25th at Tristar Gym in Montreal

First Ever No Gi Judo Seminar with 4 X Olympian / Silver Medalist Jason Morris will be held at TriStar Gym

Jason Morris’s Unique Style of Judo has prove incredibly effective in No Gi application

Tristar Gym is the MMA gym that is home to Former 170lb UFC Champion Georges St-Pierre and Bellator MMA Fighter, Rory MacDonald.

In this Vid Head Coach Firas Zahabi of TriStar Gym introduces Jason Morriss.

This highlight is a great representation of Judo being used in Wrestling Matches.


Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki.The Japanese method of ground fighting. From Kalista Film.

Katsuhiko Kashiwazaki starts showing techniques at the 3:30 minute mark.

The Japanese method of ground fighting. Ne waza.
The film
1. Osaekomi-waza.
In 2009 Kashiwazaki held a seminar in Russia, St. Petersburg.
The seminar is divided into several films.
Here is the first part of the film. The main theme of the first film a methodology and technics of performance of Osaekomi technique.

The film dealt with the following options:

In all variants of Osaekomi he showed how to hold grabs by hands, how to set legs, how to position the body.

Kashiwazaki demonstrated basic exercises to teach children the Osaekomi technique.

The film will be useful for all judo fans. For young athletes, experienced fighters, professionals and trainers.

Катсухико Кашивазаки. Японская методика борьбы лёжа. Ne waza. Фильм 1. Osaekomi-waza.
В 2009 году Кашивазаки проводил семинар в России в городе Санкт-Петербург. Семинар разбит на несколько фильмов. Перед вами первая часть фильма. Основная тема первого фильма это методика и техника выполнения приёма osaekomi. В фильме разбираются следующие варианты: Yoko-shiho-gatame (удержание поперёк),kami-shiho-gatame (удержание со стороны головы), tate-shiho-gatame, hon-kesa-gatame(удержание сбоку),kuzure-kesa-gatame(удержание сбоку с захватом из-под руки). Во всех вариантах osaekomi он показал, как правильно держать руками захваты, как ставить ноги, как располагать туловище. Кашивазаки показал базовые упражнения для обучения детей приёмам osaekomi. Фильм будет полезен для всех любителей дзюдо. Для молодых спортсменов, для опытных борцов, для специалистов и тренеров.